CultureMap Dallas: No Love For Running Game Means Trouble for Cowboys

Tony Romo

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys achieved a first in their 27-24 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday: fewest carries in a single game in team history. There’s no excuse for putting up a pitiful nine rushes in the first game back for DeMarco Murray, who had missed the previous two games due to a knee injuries.

Nine rushes for 36 yards. Twenty-seven of the Cowboys’ final 28 plays were passes. This happened in a game in which the Cowboys were never down by more than four points.

Murray was shown walking around the sideline at different points in the game. The look on his face said, “I hurried back for this?”

“You’d certainly like to have more balance than that, obviously,” Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said after the game. “We’ll keep striving for that. We did run the ball a little bit fairly well early on. DeMarco looked like he was going to have a good day, but as it wore on there were some minus runs that happened that got us behind the sticks a little bit. Hard for us to get into a rhythm.”

In my latest story at CultureMap Dallas, I write about what this trend means to the rest of the Cowboys’ season.

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