CultureMap Dallas: Breaking down the Rangers’ deal for Prince

Ian Kinsler

Former Texas Rangers infielder Ian Kinsler.

Richard Justice of might be baseball’s newest prophet. When asked about the the state of the Texas Rangers during last week’s general manager meetings, he surveyed the situation like a soothsayer.

“I think Nolan Ryan leaving really put the pressure on Jon Daniels to make a dramatic move,” Justice said. “He’s the only GM that I heard last week at the meeting saying, ‘Our needs can’t be filled internally. We have to go outside and make a move.’”

And boy, was Wednesday night ripe for drama. The blockbuster trade of Ian Kinsler felt like a shot across the bow. Daniels and the Rangers sent Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers for first baseman Prince Fielder.

In my latest story at CultureMap Dallas, I explore what this deal means to the Rangers entering the 2014 season.

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