CultureMap Dallas: Limping Romo leads gutsy drive to keep Cowboys alive

Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

There is good Tony Romo, and there is bad Tony Romo. You remember bad Tony, right? He’s the guy that checked out of a run play late in last Sunday’s epic loss to Green Bay and threw an interception that ultimately cost the Cowboys a victory. You may have heard about it.

On Sunday against the Washington Redskins, we saw the good Tony once again as he directed the 20th fourth-quarter comeback of his career, a comeback that saved the Cowboys’ season from complete implosion. On that drive, which began with 3:39 left and with the Cowboys starting at their own 13-yard line, Romo made two plays that we’ve grown used to seeing when he’s on his game — instinctive, natural and game-altering.

In my latest story at CultureMap Dallas, I tell you good Tony got it done against Washington.

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