Postcard of the Day: Franklin Field, Philadelphia, Penn.

Franklin Field

Franklin Field, home of the Penn Quakers. ( photo by Kendall Webb)’s Kendall Webb was in Philadelphia for Week 11 of the College Football season. Their first stop was one of the oldest venues in college football. Webb filed this report and gallery from Franklin Field.

Franklin Field is the oldest college football stadium in the country originally built in 1895. It was expanded several times, and then at one point after reaching capacity of more than 60,000, it was brought back down to the current configuration of around 52,000. Home of the Ivy League’s Penn Quakers, the old, open-air classic press box gives more than hint of its age when compared to today’s modern facilities. The biggest event held here now is the classic Penn Relays which was why the stadium was built in the first place. Held in April each year, it is still one of the biggest college track and field meets in the United States held annually since 1895.

It doesn’t get much more historic than Franklin Field.

Click here to view our Franklin Field gallery.

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