Kendall Webb’s SEC Update Week 14

Kendall Webb’s SEC Update Week 14.

Thanksgiving Day used to mean Texas vs. Texas A&M, but these days the two schools are separated by a gulf much wider than the distance between Austin and College Station, Texas. So instead of Longhorns vs. Aggies, you ended up with Texas against Texas Tech in a Big 12 battle on Turkey Day this year while the Aggies don’t even bother to play on the holiday anymore.

Instead, the Aggies will head to Columbia, Missouri, this Saturday looking to rebound from a listless performance in a 34-10 loss to the LSU Tigers. Even quarterback Johnny Manziel was not his usual self against the Tigers. After posting at least 300 yards of total offense in 19 straight starts, the Aggies’ leader was held to just 224 yards passing and 54 yards rushing. And even those numbers don’t tell the whole story as Manziel was 16-of-41 passing with two interceptions and two sacks.


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