CultureMap Dallas: At Least Linehan is one of Garrett’s Guys

Did Jason Garrett just win an argument with Jerry Jones? One could make the assumption that the hire of Scott Linehan as the Dallas Cowboys’ new play-caller might represent such a victory.

The Cowboys have yet to make an official announcement, but all signs point to Linehan joining the Cowboys staff, including an ESPN Dallas report that Linehan took part in team meetings on Monday. Reports broke last week that the Cowboys were interested in the former Lions offensive coordinator as most of the NFL world was at the Senior Bowl.

Let’s set aside the absurdity of the Cowboys having a different play-caller for the third straight year. Here’s why this might be a win for Garrett.

In my latest story at CultureMap Dallas, I tell you why Garrett may have won this battle.

Check out CultureMap Dallas for everything from breaking news to food, drink and society. It’s all there, including a local events calendar so you can see what’s hopping this weekend.

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