CultureMap Dallas: Amid Rangers’ shaky start, pitcher Martin Perez stays rock solid

Martin Perez

Texas Rangers pitcher Martin Perez.

Twenty-six starts, 11 victories and one Rangers Rookie of the Year award. That was enough to get the Texas Rangers to commit a four-year, $12.5 million contract to pitcher Martin Perez this offseason, a deal that also includes three additional years at the club’s option starting in 2018.

That’s a risk no matter how talented the player is. Perez just turned 23 years old. You’re committing substantial money and time — seven years, if the Rangers pick up all of the options — to a player with a limited track record entering 2014. Plus, the Rangers weren’t required to extend him. They controlled his rights for another five years.

But Perez has spent the first three starts of 2014 validating the Rangers’ faith in him

In my latest story at CultureMap Dallas, I explore why Perez is important amid the Rangers’ shaky start to the season.

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