2014 FBS Hot Seat Coaches: Week 11

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke.

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke.

We’re midway through the season so, as the Coaching Watch guy at College football America, I’m checking back in with our hot seat coaches from our preseason publication to see where they’re at, and adding some names that could see themselves unemployed come season’s end. Every time there is a coaching change we’ll have it here at College Football America and Postins’ Postcards.

FBS Hot Seat Coaches

We’re up through Week 11 of the season so, as the Coaching Watch guy at College Football America, I’m checking back in with our hot seat coaches from our preseason publication to see where they’re at, and adding some names that could see themselves unemployed come season’s end.

From College Football America Yearbook Encyclopedia:

Randy Edsall, Maryland: Bowl-eligible in Maryland’s first year in the Big Ten? He’s safe now.

Tim Beckman, Illinois: If Illinois can win one more game they’ll have five wins, which will be the best single-season total under Beckman. Two wins makes the Illini bowl eligible and it’s possible (Iowa, Penn State, Northwestern). He’s not safe yet, but he’s not done yet, either.

Bill Blankenship, Tulsa: The good news? Tulsa won a second game. The bad news? It came against winless SMU. I suspect Blankenship will be a Black Monday firing.

Mike London, Virginia: Virginia must win out to be bowl-eligible. I’m still on the fence. This could be a “turn-over-your-staff” kind of situation for 2015.

Bo Pelini, Nebraska: Safe.

Dan Enos, Central Michigan: The Chippewas are bowl-eligible for the third straight year. That should be enough to keep Enos employed another year. But at some point they have to have a breakthrough. It won’t be this year.

Norm Chow, Hawai’i: Given Chow’s family situation this season I find this job status impossible to gauge. I’m leaning toward him getting one more year.

Will Muschamp, Florida: The Gators will go to a bowl game this year, as they still have Eastern Kentucky on their schedule. But did the win over Georgia do enough to save Muschamp’s job? That’s one of the mysterious questions the final month of the season. I don’t think it did.

Our Week 7 additions

Brady Hoke, Michigan: If Michigan beats Maryland on Nov. 22 they’ll be bowl-eligible. But Hoke’s employment will boil down to the new athletic director hire. Jim Hackett is interim and it’s unclear if he’ll have the power to hire and fire before a permanent hire is made. Then, the permanent hire must determine if he or she wants to keep Hoke. This situation is about as cloudy as a foggy morning on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Scott Shafer, Syracuse: The Orange is not going to a bowl game this year. It’s been a tumultuous year in Syracuse. No one has made pronouncements of a hot seat for Shafer. But no one’s been coming to his defense, either.

Paul Rhoads, Iowa State: If he stays it means the ISU brass believes in Rhoads’ plan for the future. It’s that simple. The loss to Kansas really hurts, though.

Paul Haynes, Kent State: Still just one win this year? It’s not looking good for Haynes. He could be a two-years-and-out hire.

Derek Mason, Vanderbilt: No bowl game, no SEC wins. But I don’t think Vandy pulls the plug after one year.

Scott Satterfield, Appalachian State: Appy State has rattled off two straight wins since our last update. But the next two games are brutal — Arkansas State and Louisiana. You have to figure he has another year no matter what, but the standard in Boone, NC, is a little different, even if it is the program’s first year in FBS.

Paul Petrino, Idaho: I get the sense he’ll be back in 2015. He might have the hardest job in FBS, non-service academy edition. Heck, include the service academies. Petrino’s task is brutal.

Week 9 additions

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech: If the Hokies lose two of their final three games they’ll fail to make a bowl game for the first time since 1992 (and, yes, I had to look that up). Uh oh.

Week 11 additions

Kevin Wilson, Indiana: I like this guy. I thought he was a good hire when IU snapped him away from Oklahoma. But they’re dead last in their Big Ten division, winless in the Big Ten and two losses away from failing to reach a bowl game. Unlike some of the coaches on this list Wilson has had four years to install his program in Bloomington. The Hoosiers might pull the trigger. I saw them in person against a middling Michigan team and they did not play well. I was not impressed.

Note: Coaching searches at Kansas, SMU and Troy are already underway.

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