Stadium Gallery: Schoellkopf Field, Cornell

Schoellkopf Field, the home of Cornell football. (RoadTripSports photo by Matthew Postins)

Schoellkopf Field, the home of Cornell football. (RoadTripSports photo by Matthew Postins)

Schoellkopf Field, Cornell University – Photo Gallery

This stadium gallery comes to you courtesy of College Football America editor-in-chief Matthew Postins.

Schoellkopf Field is the home of Big Red football, sprint football, and men’s and women’s lacrosse. The facility has undergone many great changes over the years, resulting in today’s magnificent structure.

During the 19th century, many of Cornell’s athletic teams trained on Percy Field where Ithaca High School now stands. During the early 1900s, though, Cornell’s population grew quickly and Percy Field was no longer suitable for the growing number of Cornell athletes.

Gradually, the idea of having adequate athletic facilities on campus developed. The Alumni Field Committee was created to consider this possibility and they persuaded the university set aside land for a field. The committee “strove, pled, and prayed” for donations to the proposed athletic facilities.

Because of a generous donation from Willard Straight ’01, the construction of a field house was made possible. The contribution came in memory of his friend, Henry (Heinie) Schoellkopf ’02, an outstanding football player and a “beloved gentle giant.” It is said that he once dove 70 feet into a gorge pool to rescue a drowning dog.

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