CultureMap Dallas: Cowboys-Lions playoff matchup has far more compelling storylines than silly grudge

Cowboys safety Barry Church.

Cowboys safety Barry Church.

Grudges are meant to be avenged. They’re also meant to be remembered. So is it really a grudge if you have to be reminded it’s a grudge? Perhaps we’ll find out on Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys host the Detroit Lions in an NFC Wild Card playoff game, the Cowboys’ first playoff game in five years.

So what’s this grudge you ask? Why it’s Cowboys safety Barry Church vs. Lions wide receiver Golden Tate. But you knew that before Church brought it up on the radio on Wednesday, right?


No? Well you’re not alone if you needed prompting. Follow along.

In my latest story at CultureMap Dallas, I tell you why this whole grudge is kinda silly when set against the backdrop of the playoffs.

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Until next time …

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