First and 10: DeMarco Murray signs with Philadelphia

First and 10: DeMarco Murray signs with Philadelphia.

Are people really burning Murray’s jerseys? Yes, they are. Dumb. Just dumb. Sure it hurts Cowboys fans that it’s the Eagles that managed to sign him. But perhaps I just have the perspective of having covered pro football for the better part of the last 10 years. The difference in the two offers was massive and this is likely Murray’s one shot to get a deal that can set him up for the rest of his life. He plays at a position that suffers some of the worst attrition in the NFL. One play can wipe out his career. By age 30, if he’s still performing at a high level, he’ll have been worth the money for the Eagles. But to burn his jersey? Well that’s wrong in my opinion. Murray never did a thing wrong in Dallas. He was a model citizen, great in the community and did everything right. Dislike his decision if you want. Just don’t dislike the man.

My goodness. I think I just did a far less hip version of the late Stuart Scott’s “Don’t playa hate, congratulate.” Just kind of walked right into that one.


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