First and 10: Greg Hardy signs contract with Dallas Cowboys

First and 10: Greg Hardy signs contract with Dallas Cowboys.

What about the suspension? The NFL is investigating Hardy’s domestic violence case to determine if it warrants suspension. Hardy was convicted last year of an assault on his partner, Nicole Holder, in a bench trial. That led the Panthers to put him on the exempt list after the first game of the season, once the Ray Rice video hit the street. His conviction went away after Hardy appealed for a jury trial and Holder failed to show up for the hearing. None of that means anything to the NFL at this point. There is no timetable on whether he’ll be punished or not.

My opinion? He will be suspended for six games. He will appeal and the suspension will be cut in half. The NFL Players Association will make the case that Hardy missed 15 games and that should be time served.

Do yourself a favor. Go find Holder’s account of what happened to her that night and you decide if 15 games is time served.


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