Mavs 5-on-5: DeAndre Jordan spurns Dallas Mavericks

Mavs 5-on-5: DeAndre Jordan spurns Dallas Mavericks.

But DeAndre Jordan handled everything else flat out wrong. You don’t enter into a handshake agreement until you’re 100 percent sure that’s the right decision. You don’t enter into that agreement until you’ve done your due diligence at your current job. To hear reports that Chris Paul had no idea that Jordan wanted a bigger role in Los Angeles means the two weren’t talking at all, and that Jordan or Paul didn’t go out of their way to rectify the situation before free agency began. You don’t let your teammates basically hold you hostage in your home for a day for fear that you’ll talk with the competition and agree to honor your handshake agreement (Blake Griffin offered the best tick-tock of the situation on Twitter, and his photo of Jordan’s front door at his Houston home with a chair barred against it was priceless humor). And you certainly don’t ignore Mark Cuban’s phone calls and texts for hours as he’s trying to get ahold of you to see what’s going on. Jordan went back on his word, and that’s bad enough. But to do it the way he did it showed an egregious lack of class.


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