First and 10: Greg Hardy sees suspension reduced to four games

First and 10: Greg Hardy sees suspension reduced to four games.

Arbiter Harold Henderson heard Greg Hardy’s appeal. Here is the text of his ruling. “I find that the conduct of Hardy clearly violates the letter and spirit of any version of the (personal conduct policy) since its inception, and of the NFL Constitution and Bylaws long before then. The egregious conduct exhibited here is indefensible in the NFL. However, ten games is simply too much, in my view, of an increase over prior cases without notice such as was done last year, when the ‘baseline’ for discipline in domestic violence or sexual assault cases was announced as a six-game suspension.”

So, in other words, because Hardy’s offense came before the NFL instituted its new punishment for domestic violence, Henderson ruled that the suspension was too severe based on the prior policy. Of course there was no prior domestic violence policy before the NFL actually instituted last year’s policy, so Henderson is viewing the “baseline” as punishments that were doled out for far lesser offenses per the NFL’s conduct policy.

Seems Hardy keeps getting these breaks. Lost a bench trail, so he went to a jury trial and his accuser conveniently didn’t show up, so Mecklenberg County prosecutors had to dismiss the case. Convenient.


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