Big 12 Media Days Q&A: Baylor’s Art Briles

Big 12 Media Days Q&A: Baylor’s Art Briles.

The Big 12 Conference held its media days for football on Monday and Tuesday in Dallas. During the sessions each of the Big 12 coaches spoke to the media about the upcoming season. In this Q&A, we feature the comments of Baylor coach Art Briles.

COACH BRILES: Certainly excited and proud to be here. In our profession, if you can show up again another year, it’s always a great year. So I’m happy to be back, happy to represent Baylor and the Big 12.

I was at a luncheon a few days ago, actually here in Dallas, and somebody asked me, What’s your highlight, Coach? Could you give me a highlight over the last couple of years or something? I said, Hey, a highlight to me is this time of year. This time of year, when there’s so much anticipation, so much energy, so much hope and vision, that it just kind of makes you be excited. Makes you be happy. Makes you be fired up because everybody’s got aspirations and dreams, and it’s our job to help people fulfill them.



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