Big 12 Media Days Q&A: Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops

Big 12 Media Days Q&A: Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops.

The Big 12 Conference held its media days for football on Monday and Tuesday in Dallas. During the sessions each of the Big 12 coaches spoke to the media about the upcoming season. In this Q&A, we feature the comments of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops.

COACH STOOPS: Excited to be here today to start the 2015 season. I brought some of our excellent players here today with me, Ty Darlington, Sterling Shepard, and Trevor Knight on offense, all exceptional guys. And then Eric Striker as well, our great outside backer, also here with me. Great guys, great representatives of the University of Oklahoma, great workers, great leaders on our team.

Again, excited, after last season finishing ‑‑ just overall having a disappointing year, when you’re used to 12 of the previous 14 years we had ten or more wins, and then you go 8‑5, and it’s not up to our standards and our expectations as a program for sure.

You can look at it different ways, of course. We look at it also in some of those games we’re one play away maybe in a few of those games and having a chance to have a couple more wins if you don’t give up one play on defense or you don’t have a turnover for a touchdown, you don’t miss a field goal, you don’t punt the ball one more time if you have a poor decision by a coach.

So those kinds of things, we all had a hand in it, one side of the ball or the other, to give ourselves a chance for a few more wins, but that didn’t happen.



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