Big 12 Media Days Q&A: Texas’ Charlie Strong

Big 12 Media Days Q&A: Texas’ Charlie Strong.

The Big 12 Conference held its media days for football on Monday and Tuesday in Dallas. During the sessions each of the Big 12 coaches spoke to the media about the upcoming season. In this Q&A, we feature the comments of Texas coach Charlie Strong.

COACH STRONG: Really excited about the upcoming season just days away. We’re going to report on August the 6th and then get ready to go on August the 7th.

The good thing about it, you go through winter conditioning and then you go through the summer, and most of our guys are in place, even with our freshmen. Just really excited about our team because one of our goals is to build a team. The way you build a team, you just have to get everyone on board.

So much was made last season about the suspensions. I want you to understand this. My goal is never, ever to kick a young man out of the program. I want them to have every opportunity to be successful, but decisions are made, and sometimes guys feel like they want to do things their way. When that happens, then we have to make a decision on our end.

But if you look at this team now, you’re always looking for leadership, you’re looking for discipline. We have to have a winning season.


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