College Football America Flashback: 37 Days to Football

Jeremiah Clemon

Lindenwood-Belleville’s Jeremiah Clemon. (College Football America/RoadTripSports photo by Kendall Webb)

July 29 marks 37 days to the start of the major college football season (FBS) on Sept. 3, 2015. Every day leading up to kickoff to the 2015 season we’ll take you back to a photo from our travels last season, a photo that may or may not be in our publication, the College Football America 2015 Yearbook. The Yearbook is out now at You can also find the digital copy at It’s the most comprehensive guide to the college football season, with preview information on every conference and every team in every division of the game in a high-quality, all-color presentation. We hope you’ll check it out.

Kendall Webb grabbed this shot two years ago at Lindenwood-Belleville out of the NAIA. You can see the turf. Every five yards it alternates between the Lynx’s maroon and gray team colors.

Check in with us tomorrow for our next photo in our College Football America Flashback.


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