First and 10: Dallas Cowboys Preseason Game 3 – The best and the worst

Dallas Cowboys logo

Source: First and 10: Dallas Cowboys Preseason Game 3 – The best and the worst

By Matthew Postins

On behalf of SOFER’D

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Minnesota Vikings , 28-14, in their third preseason game of 2015. The score hardly mattered. Most of the starters were on the field for most of the first half in the so-called “dress rehearsal” game. There were plenty of competitions and performances to keep track of, and in this edition of First-and-10 we break down the best and the worst in preseason game No. 3.

Randy Gregory has a chance to make a real impact on this team defensively. He had a sack for the third straight preseason game and this one came against the first-team Vikings offensive line. The Dallas Cowboys have thrown everything they can at creating a better pass rush in 2015 and Gregory is proving he’ll be a big piece of it, whether he’s in a starting role or backing up a player like Greg Hardy. From here, Gregory looks like an opening-night starter.

Gregory was part of a defensive unit that held the Vikings to 0-for-5 on third down in the first half. Encouraging.


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