Oregon’s Tyler Johnstone Tops Week 1 Schneider Scale

Oregon Ducks

DALLAS (FWAA) — As part of its partnership to promote and raise awareness for the Outland Trophy and its candidates, graduate students from the College of Education Sport Management program at the University of Alabama have developed a rating system for linemen that makes its debut this season.

The Schneider Scale has been created to provide a relative ranking for line play. The ranking takes into account both individual and team statistics and results, and then ranks players while allowing for comparison on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Created independently by the class at the University of Alabama, it will be a season-long element by which linemen can be ranked and in turn considered for the Outland Trophy.

The Outland Trophy is presented to the nation’s top interior lineman on offense or defense by the Football Writers Association of America, and this season a Top 25 in the Schneider Scale will be released each Thursday. For more information on the Schneider Scale, please see the attached FAQ.

“The Schneider Scale was created by our student team using statistical analysis to create a unique ranking system for all of the prospects for the Outland Trophy on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball,” said Dr. John Vincent, Professor and Director of the College of Education Sport Management program. “It is certainly not perfect but will hopefully provide a foundation for an ongoing discussion of the best players in college football.”

“For the first time, we will have some statistical basis for judgment and review of linemen,” said FWAA Executive Director Steve Richardson. “While the Schneider Scale is but one element to help us review worthy candidates, it should be fascinating to see the weekly rankings and see how this type of analysis of line play evolves.”

Following is the Schneider Scale rankings after Week 1 (Weekend of Sept. 5) of the college football season:

1. Tyler Johnstone, OT, Sr., Oregon (168.0 points)
2. Eddie Vanderdoes, DT, Jr., UCLA (155.0)
3. Ryan Kelly, C, R-Sr., Alabama (153.0)
4. Parker Ehinger, OG, Sr., Cincinnati (151.0)
5. Kenny Clark, DT, Jr., UCLA (147.5)
6. Garrett Stafford, OT, Sr., Tulsa (124.0)
7. Roderick Johnson, OT, So., Florida State (115.0)
t8. Jack Allen, C, Sr., Michigan State (108.0)
t8. Jack Conklin, OT, Jr., Michigan State (108.0)
t8. Dan Feeney, OG, R-Jr., Indiana (108.0)
t11. Spencer Drango, OT, Sr., Baylor (107.0)
t11. Greg Pyke, OG, Jr., Georgia (107.0)
13. Chris Jones, DT, Jr., Mississippi State (105.0)
14. Cam Robinson, OT, So., Alabama (103.0)
t15. J.T. Boyd, C, Jr., East Carolina (99.0)
t15. Austin Corbett, OT, So., Nevada (99.0)
t15. Ike Harris, OT, Sr., East Carolina (99.0)
t18. Taylor Decker, OT, Sr., Ohio State (98.0)
t18. Pat Elflein, OG, Jr., Ohio State (98.0)
20. Anthony Zettel, DT, R-Sr., Penn State (97.5)
21. Nick Martin, C, R-Sr., Notre Dame (94.0)
t22. Sebastian Tretola, OG, Sr., Arkansas (93.0)
t22. Denver Kirkland, OT, Jr., Arkansas (93.0)
24. Joe Ostman, DT, Jr., Central Michigan (90.0)
25. Matt Skura, C, R-Sr., Duke (89.0)

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