First and Ten: Dallas Cowboys prepping for season opener

Dallas Cowboys logo

Source: First and Ten: Dallas Cowboys prepping for season opener

By Matthew Postins

Dallas Cowboys Contributor

On behalf of SOFER’D

The Dallas Cowboys are prepping for the season opener with the New York Giants on Sunday night. Coming off a playoff win a year ago, the Cowboys, to many, are a potential NFC championship contender. Led by Tony Romo, the Cowboys are looking to get off on the right foot. In this edition of First and 10, we preview the contest.

It seems like it took us forever to get here, didn’t it? The first meaningful Dallas Cowboys game in about eight months.

Greg Hardy was smart to not appeal the suspension. It must have been tempting after seeing Tom Brady get off scot-free for Deflategate. But the public relations ramifications for Hardy are far different, and as I wrote earlier this year anything less than taking the suspension now — after having it reduced from 10 games — would make it look like he’s thumbing his nose at everyone. It was his decision, but I feel certain Dallas Cowboys management had some sway in his thinking.


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