Five Key Players in Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles Matchup

Source: Five Key Players in Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles Matchup

Today we turn our attention to the five key players in the Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles matchup this Sunday afternoon. These five players should have the biggest impact on who walks away with a victory on Sunday.

RB DeMarco Murray, Philadelphia. I’m sure you’re saying, “Well, duh.” But our point isn’t to be deceptive or clever, but to get you ready for the game. Murray should have a big impact on this one. Sure, he’s said all of the right things since he left the Dallas Cowboys earlier this offseason, but it isn’t hard to imagine that he comes into this game with a bit of a chip on shoulder after Jerry Jones and company wouldn’t pony up the cash to keep him. He, and his new head coach Chip Kelly, would love nothing better than to rain on the Dallas Cowboys’ “anyone can run behind that offensive line” parade. Thing is, we learned nothing about how the Eagles intend to use Murray after his bizarre Week 1 performance — 12 touches, 20 total yards, 2 touchdowns. That’s the strangest, yet productive, line I’ve seen for a top-tier running back. It led me to believe that Kelly was holding things back knowing that Murray would play his former team, and division rival, this weekend. Why tip your hand on how you’re going to use Murray in Week 1 when you have the Cowboys coming to town in Week 2? It’s a clear advantage for Kelly. The Cowboys can play to Murray’s tendencies, but not to how Kelly will use him in the scheme. Crafty little bugger. Murray is playing it emotionless this week. Let’s see how emotional he is if he has a big game and the Eagles win?


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