First and 10: Tony Romo to miss eight weeks with broken left clavicle

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Source: First and 10: Tony Romo to miss eight weeks with broken left clavicle

By Matthew Postins

Dallas Cowboys Contributor

On behalf of Sixth Gear Auto Sales

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will miss approximately eight weeks with a broken left clavicle. In this edition of First and 10, we update you on the severity of the injury, Romo’s state of mind and the plan to deal with his absence.

What is the time frame for recovery? Well that depends on two things — the severity of the injury and Ian Rapaport’s reporting. I kid, though the reporter has been all over the Dallas Cowboys’ medical news lately (see Bryant, Dez). Head coach Jason Garrett said an eight-week recovery window is likely. That has been the general consensus. When Romo broke his clavicle five years ago he missed 10 games, but the Cowboys also shut him down late when they knew the season was lost. During Sunday’s broadcast former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman mentioned that he came back from his in five weeks. No, he’s not Superman. His break just wasn’t that severe.


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