First and 10: Dallas Cowboys-New England Patriots Preview

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Source: First and 10: Dallas Cowboys-New England Patriots Preview

It’s time for our Dallas Cowboys-New England Patriots preview here at Greg Hardy is back and so is his mouth. So why is Jason Garrett the only one making any hay about what Hardy said? Rolando McClain is back too, and he may have an immediate impact. Plus, I think there’s a good chance we’ll see a change at quarterback soon. It’s our First and 10 preview for Week 5.

So we waited nearly seven months to realize that Greg Hardy appears to have learning nothing from the past 18 months. Dallas Cowboys reporters finally got their first crack at questioning Hardy and, naturally, they asked about the difficulty of the past 18 months. Normally, this is where the athlete professes contriteness, offers an apology, talks about their journey, etc… Well, Hardy didn’t. In fact, Hardy’s comments were about as tone-deaf as you can get. He called his 18 months away from football some of the best of his life. Remember that during this time he was arrested for, put on trial for and convicted for assaulting a female and communicating threats. He was then put on the commissioner’s exempt list for 15 games last season, which amounted to a paid vacation, while Hardy appealed for a bench trial that never happened. The only reason it didn’t happen was that Hardy reached a deal with this accuser, ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder, and Holder stopped cooperating with prosecutors. So the charges were dropped. Then the NFL suspended Hardy for 10 games this season for violation of its domestic abuse policy — even though the policy was installed after his original trial — and on appeal it was reduced to four games.

Does that sound like a good time to you?


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