Five Key Players in Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants matchup


Source: Five Key Players in Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants matchup

By Matthew Postins

Dallas Cowboys Contributor

On behalf of Timothy O’Ferrall Recovery

Today we turn our attention to the five key players in the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants matchup this Sunday afternoon. These five players should have the biggest impact on who walks away with a victory on Sunday.

QB Matt Cassel, Dallas. Cassel gets his first start this Sunday and the Dallas Cowboys are really only asking him to do one thing — win. Because when you compare Cassel to Brandon Weeden, who started the past three games for the Cowboys in place of Tony Romo, there are two clear differences. First, there’s winning. Weeden has five career wins. Cassel has 34 wins as a starter and led Kansas City to a playoff berth in 2010. The second is touchdown-to-interception ratio. Cassel has thrown 96 touchdowns to 70 interceptions for his career, which isn’t exactly great (less than 1.5 to 1), but at least it’s a far sight better than Weeden (28 touchdowns to 30 interceptions). The Cowboys want Cassel to play within the framework of their offense, but they’re also looking for a quarterback that can stretch the field more successfully than Weeden and help make their outside receivers — most notably Terrance Williams — look better. Can Cassel do all of that? There’s no telling. He started three games last season in Minnesota and the numbers weren’t anything to write home about — three touchdowns, four interceptions and 425 yards passing. But right now the Cowboys have no more options. They must see what Cassel can do for them.


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