First and 10: The Dallas Cowboys lose to the Eagles in overtime

Source: First and 10: The Dallas Cowboys lose to the Eagles in overtime

By Matthew Postins

Dallas Cowboys Contributor

On Behalf of SOFER’D

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, 33-27, in overtime on Sunday evening. First and 10 examines what this team has in common with the 1989 team, the tepidness of Greg Hardy’s “apology” and the injury bug sweeping the defense.

The 2015 Dallas Cowboys will not make the playoffs. Think about this. The Cowboys have lost six games in a row and have either been tied or within a touchdown entering the fourth quarter in all but one of them. This is a team that has forgotten how to close out tight games. Forget the absences of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. It’s as much on the defense as the offense. The defense continues to give up big plays in the fourth quarter, and the same thing happened in the fourth quarter and in overtime against the Eagles.

As it stands now, at 2-6, the Cowboys, to me, will be lucky to win eight games. Their schedule is back-loaded with tough games against potential playoff teams. And they’ll probably find a way to split with the Washington Redskins, too. Because that’s just how this season has gone for the Cowboys.

By the way, the six-game losing streak is the first such streak since 1989.

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