College Football America’s 2015 Hot Seat Coaches Through Week 11

Georgia Bulldogs

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In our preseason edition of College Football America 2015 Yearbook we examined the head coaches that we felt were on the hottest seats entering the season. Now that we’re at the season’s halfway point, let’s take a look at how they’re doing. Plus, we will make a few mid-season additions to our list of Hot Seat Coaches.

This is the first time that our periodic Hot Seat Coaches article will appear at our parent site, is the Internet home of the College Football America Yearbook. Moving forward our hot seat coaches article will appear exclusively at From time to time we’ll feature content and links from and College Football America here at PostinsPostcards.

Here is a taste of one of the new names to make it onto the Hot Seat Coaches list:

Mark Richt, Georgia: Georgia is coming off a loss to Florida in their rivalry game and the Bulldog faithful are not happy. But on a larger scale these Bulldogs have underachieved the past few years, winning the SEC East in 2011-12 but failing to win the division in 2013-14 despite having the best talent in the division, in my opinion. The Bulldogs will miss out on the division title this year, too. Plus, there’s speculation about his contract. Richt actually hasn’t signed the extension Georgia offered him months ago, and the school says it’s willing to honor it. But Richt is unhappy with some of the language. So stay tuned. This is developing. Richt has been there since 2001 and during that time the Bulldogs have won the SEC Championship game twice, with the last time coming in 2005. It makes me wonder if some in Athens, Ga., think a change may be in order.



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