Dallas Cowboys beat Miami Dolphins, 24-14 – First and 10


Source: Dallas Cowboys beat Miami Dolphins, 24-14 – First and 10

By Matthew Postins

Dallas Cowboys Contributor

On behalf of Timothy O’Ferrall Recovery

Dallas Cowboys beat Miami Dolphins, 24-14

Dallas Cowboys beat Miami Dolphins – First and 10 examines the return of Tony Romo, the emergence of linebacker Rolando McClain and whether Cowboys fans should start getting excited about a late-season rally.

Beyond the numbers, I thought Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo did three things in his return. First, he made this team far more effective on third down. Going into the game the Cowboys were 36.7 percent going into the game. On Sunday Dallas was 7-of-14. I don’t want to understate what running back Darren McFadden did — and we’ll discuss that a bit more in-depth — but overall Romo made good decisions on that key down and kept the chains moving, to the tune of about 40 minutes of time of possession. Second, he made all of his receivers better, especially Terrance Williams, who is clearly a player who needs an upper-echelon quarterback to be effective. There’s nothing like having the guy back that knows where every pass-catcher wants the football. Third, there is Romo’s elusiveness in the pocket that feeds his ability to extend plays. Now, it bit him in the butt twice on Sunday. But there were several other times where it played a role in extending drives and the Cowboys have missed that dearly.

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